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Michael Gow
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A friend placed a camera in my hands in 1968.

I immediately climbed under an abandoned railroad car and began shooting.  I was fascinated...I was hooked!


Following graduate school, I spent several years working for two commercial photo studios in Boston where I learned the basics of taking photographs, developing film and printing B/W prints.


My next 25 years were primarily devoted to raising a family and a career in commercial insurance...while,

in my spare time, developing my photographic passion and skills through shooting and printing, having a wonderful mentor, constantly reading "technical" photo books, attending workshops and lectures...and also through the collection of photo prints and books.


After many years of printing and editing my work

(and reflecting on the photographers, photo books and prints that I most admired), I eventually came to realize that I most enjoy B/W "landscape photography" in its broadest sense (both natural and man-made)...and often with an abstract feel.


My more abstract images will (hopefully) engage the viewer into questioning just what it is that he/she is looking at.


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